Our breakthrough transdermal creams

The A-Synaptic™ technology can be applied through a single dose system to precisely control dosage. Further, it is an active delivery system designed to quickly penetrate into the skin unlike passive topicals that remain for an extended period on the surface of the skin as messy odorous creams or oils that allow for cross contamination of clothes or other individuals.

A-synaptic™ can be thought of as liquid needle technology because it quickly and efficiently moves the active drug through all of the skin layers into the blood stream or deep local tissue depending on how it is formulated. The stable complex emulsion can be in the form of a cream or oral spray (not a patch). 

Evidence of Claims


Because of Food and Drug Administration restrictions on generating data for cannabis products, A-synaptic has an ongoing initiative with Health Canada to generate bioavailability certification data for its base technology. This initiative has been delayed by the COVID-19 crisis. Once completed, this data will be made available.




The A-synaptic base ingredients which are sold in the United States consist of excipients which are generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Because there are no active ingredients in the bases, the bases by themselves are not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. This means that the bases can be shipped in interstate commerce for blending with cannabis by licensed distributors, dispensaries and co-packers where cannabis is legal.

Statement on Patent Pending


The A-synaptic sublingual delivery system patent was filed in October of 2018. It is under a confidentiality agreement with the US Patent Office and fully protected during the review period. Since filing it has passed the international phase and is now in a national phase review. Overall patent approval times can vary. The company and its affiliates own 200 completed patents at present in a variety of areas in medical and pharmaceutical science.