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Why I don't smoke or vape much anymore

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Like many of my friends, smoking and vaping has come in question for me. I take THC cannabis everyday, a regimen honed from a lifelong relationship with ADD and the side effects of ADD, like anxiety and depression. THC is the only solution I have found for soothing anxiety and reinforcing focus, creativity and pain relief.

But since the vape safety crisis last year and then of course, COVID-19, I began to question why I was deliberately causing irritation to my lungs. I had taken for granted the coughing that always accompanied smoking or vaping until COVID-19. Now I'm thinking, why do I want to cough at all?

Now I'm thinking, why do I want to cough at all?

We have an alternative to delivering cannabinoids through your lungs. Yellow Labs ingestibles with Synaptic sublingual and transdermal technology. Simply stated, it is the delivery of THC through the skin, directly to the bloodstream. Our transdermal lotion creates high absorption of THC or CBD like a liquid needle through the skin.

Synaptic™ proprietary transdermal delivery system delivers cannabis through the multiple barriers of the skin into the blood stream or deep underlying tissue in a short period of time.

Synaptic™ works by using emulsion technology containing penetrating agents, basement membrane disruptors, vasodilators and a cannabis component. The emulsion system is sufficiently liable to overcome the hydrophilic and lipophilic structures in skin utilizing penetrating agents and basement membrane disruptors to open up channels sufficient to transport the cannabis and vasodilators deep into the dermis. Once in the dermis, vasodilators dilate the capillary bed creating a substantial increase in fluid dynamic flow into and out of the application. This increase in fluid dynamics transports the cannabis into the blood stream or deep underlying tissue.

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