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Transmucosal Cannabinoid Delivery Transformed

The Mucosal and Sub-lingual Challenge

The mucosal tissue lining of the mouth is an amazingly protective organ for the body. Just thinking about food can make your mouth water, which is creating saliva and starting the digestive process. We put all kinds of food and drink into our mouth, and nothing penetrates through the mucosal tissue nor will the tissue be damaged in any way. That is because, like the skin, mucosal tissue has evolved as part of a complex biological system that is designed to keep foreign particles from penetrating into the mouth tissue including the underneath of the tongue (sub-lingual). In addition, the mucosal tissue is protected by saliva, that not only starts the digestive process, but functions to efficiently move mouth contents into the stomach. Because of the protective capacity of mucosal tissue, traditional oil based sublingual drops with hemp oil or CBD are actually swept into the stomach along with saliva where the digestive processes destroy most of it.

Patent Pending Technology from Synaptic

PSM™ is a micro spray emulsion that consists of tiny micro droplets, When sprayed the micro-droplets form a fine vapor or mist which adheres to the lining of the mouth and tongue. Each micro droplet contains four molecular components, these molecular components consist of CBD or THC or a blend of cannabinoids, Botanicals, tissue adhesion agents and penetration agents.

Here's how it works, simply put the micro droplets adhere to the lining of the mouth and the tongue . The adhesion agents helps the micro-mist attach to the mucosal tissue which could help the penetration agents go to work, allowing the CBD/THC and botanicals to penetrate the mucosal.

Yellow Labs Incorporated represents Synaptic Canada and their breakthrough transdermal and transmucosal delivery technology Synaptic™. Yellow Labs is the exclusive R&D lab for THC cannabinoids and the primary marketing agent for Synaptic™ in the global cannabis dispensary channel.

Convenient, effective, discretionary oral delivery of CBD/THC and botanicals. Enhance your life with PSM™ engineered oral misting products from Yellow Labs.

Learn more about our partnership opportunity for medical dispensaries and adult use retailers

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