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The Evolution of Consumption Looks Good to Us

Important new research from CannaBit indicates more and more consumers and patients are choosing not to smoke or vape cannabis, the two largest product segments in the industry. Brands with new product technologies, like our Transdermal lotion and Sublingual sprays, are in excellent position to take share from flower and vape sales. This trend will only continue over the long haul. Learn more about Yellow Labs Ingestibles.

As cannabis availability grows, there are identifiable changes reflected in overall use rates. The percentage of consumers who report consuming cannabis multiple times a day has fallen roughly 6% since 2018. However, those who consume either once a week (+7) or less than once a month (+3) have both increased. In part, those shifts in consumption can be attributed to newer consumers who often are exploring cannabis and incorporating it into their lifestyles as an occasional indulgence.

With the greater availability of a diverse product forms, there has been discernable movement regarding the types of cannabis which consumers are purchasing. Since 2018, there has been a 14% decrease among consumers who use flower exclusively, while those who only consume non-flower products have increased 5%.

Even though flower remains the dominant choice of product form (while slipping about 5% from 2018 to present), other forms have seen significant increases. Consumers reporting that they have used edibles increased 19%, while those sampling topicals and tinctures each grew by 8%.

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