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So you thought vape was discreet...

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I recall how amazed I was when first trying cannabis vape many moons ago. Suddenly smoking seemed so anti-social, so smelly. Vape ended an old and chronic squabble in my house about the odor of smoking weed, around the house and on my breath. Rolling joints, using a pipe, all suddenly seemed antiquated and messy. And then there was the coughing, a constant dog whistle that I had been smoking. I was eager to move on to something better. It turned out that vaping did not solve the coughing part, but I became a devout THC vape advocate and went on to make beautiful solventless rosin vape oil at Yellow Labs.

Now vape is in my rear view mirror. Not because I believe vaping is unsafe. I continue to believe that the vape safety problem was the fault of black market actors using unsafe filling agents never inspected by the legally required testing protocols. That has proven to be true, and vape continues to be the second most popular delivery system for legal cannabinoids. This popularity has made vaping in public spaces to be restricted like any kind of smoking.

Six botanical entourage effects
Yellow Labs Sublingual THC Mist

The reason for my evolution was the R&D discovery I did with Synaptic to develop Yellow Labs Sublingual THC Mist. A few spray pumps under your tongue. With a refreshing mint taste without a hint of weed profile. Fast onset like vape, in 1 to 3 minutes you are experiencing a terrific cerebral high that stays with you for 3 to 4 hours.

All in a 4 inch fine mist pump bottle that tucks nicely in your pocket or purse.

My friends at Synaptic have created a remarkable emulsion technology containing tissue adhesion agents, penetrating agents, and botanicals. The mist, infused with CBD or THC, actually protects the spray on the inner lining of your mouth from being swept into the stomach, digested and effectively destroyed before the cannabinoid component is sufficiently absorbed in the bloodstream. Instead, cannabinoids in the mist reach the bloodstream deeply and directly through the sublingual artery at the base of your tongue.

The effect is both pleasant and fast. No smoke smell, no cough, with very low THC amounts in each spray. I have found I am consuming less THC while enjoying it more. As are my friends and family in my bubble, not missing the smell and the cough.

Many folks like me have become weary of lung irritation, and coughing. Smoking and vaping have become too much on my body. It's a lovely win that our sublingual mist is so much of a game changer.

Coming next, Getting high and curbing your appetite? No way!

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