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Lessons Learned About Commodities

Our first focus at Yellow Labs was solventless extraction to concentrates and vapor cartridges. We introduced Rosin to the Rhode Island Medical market in 2018, and the product was beautiful. Actually too beautiful. With only 3 Compassion Centers (dispensaries) and just 18,000 patients in the RI Medical program, it was obvious to patients and the dispensaries that our product was far better than what was being produced by them in house. We became boxed out, RI dispensaries simply stopped buying Rosin from us. The lack of competition and available market basically took us away as a choice, and I suddenly felt the realities of producing commodities in a limited market.

As RI finally heads definitively to full legalization, we may come back to solventless concentrates. They truly are the safest form of oil and most dear concentrate to strain and terpenes.

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