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Expand your idea of what a "high" is

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Yellow Labs is bringing new ways to deliver cannabis for unparalleled performance from THC and CBD oils in more body-positive ways. Today's major delivery systems, smoking and vaping (through the lungs), edibles (through the gut and liver), are safe but they have their shortcomings. More and more cannabis consumers and patients cannot tolerate irritation to the lungs, and the unpredictable potency of edibles.

Topicals also have issues ("Topicals don't make you high"). This common belief is earned by lotions, creams and balms that deliver very low absorption of active cannabinoids into the blood stream. This gap identifies the exact opportunity for Yellow Labs THC Transdermal lotion, with Synaptic. Synaptic technology delivers THC in the blood stream than that of the best topicals currently available.

Consider new infused or ingestible product formulations that confront problems first, like producing less or no pain, or calm anti-anxiety. The relief that occurs can allow you to feel good again. Why is this not a "high"? Why does a "high" always need to completely incapacitate you? There is nothing wrong with a strong psychoactive experience if it is managed responsibly. But the cannabinoid has wonderful effects at any level of potency. It's all about personal choices, and many today are curious about milder, longer duration outcomes that are easier on your body.

Why does a "high" always need to completely incapacitate you?

Get great pain relief and a body high with our transdermal

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