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Dog People Make Great Cannabis People

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

-Ander Wensberg Founder and CEO, Yellow Labs Inc

As I travel on my cannabis journey, it has often occurred to me that my devotion to my dogs, what they give me everyday, is not unlike what cannabis gives me. I meet so many great dogs who belong to my consumers, customers and partners.

Take James Winokur, CEO of Berkshire Roots, whom I am proud to call our licensee partner in Massachusetts. When we discovered we both had Yellow Labradors, we had to get our doggies together.

James Winokur, CEO of Berkshire Roots, and his yellow labradors Noli and Mac, meet up with Ander Wensberg, Founder and CEO of Yellow Labs, and his yellow labradors Goose and Bobo, for a rare November beach day to reflect on a shared spirit that at least partially explains why Yellow Labs is the first brand partner to arrive at Berkshire Roots.

Important note: accidental consumption of THC products can be harmful to dogs. Like your children, keep your dogs away from THC products. Contact ASPCA Poison Control at (888) 426-4435 if you think your dog has accidentally consumed a THC product.

At Yellow Labs we are supporting animal welfare organizations like the ASPCA who are making such a difference in the rescue and protection of innocent animals.

About Yellow Labs Inc

A remarkably wide array of cannabis users now seek non-flower alternatives to add to their menu that perform with speed, potency and duration.

Yellow Labs THC Infused Oral Sprays offer new body-friendly ways to enjoy THC with delivri™ hi-performance subdermal technology.

Find Yellow Labs exclusively in Massachusetts through Berkshire Roots, and across the Berkshire Roots Wholesale Network. Contact Steve Evans @Berkshirerootswholesale. Find where to buy Yellow Labs at

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