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Buyer beware. Nano matters but not here.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

So let’s talk about Nano technology. I get this question a lot. Are Yellow Labs sublingual sprays and subdermal creams a nano emulsion? Nano is a key and expensive process for producing infused beverages and edibles that need super small particles of cannabis oil to allow homogeneous emulsions with water. And my experience says that nano accomplishes oil to water infusion very well.

Yellow Labs delivri™ technology is specifically designed for superior absorption of THC through the skin, the dermis (subdermal), and the lining of your mouth (sublingual). Our clinical study shows superior bioavailability of THC through the dermis into the bloodstream. We are changing expectations for potency performance through the skin.

So while this all well and good, Nano has no effect on absorption through the skin. None. With delivri™, cannabis oil goes through a phase change to deeply penetrate the dermis, and with vasodilation creates super high bioavailability directly into the blood stream. It makes Yellow Labs THC infused oral sprays among the fastest onset of any product forms on the market. The efficiency of our absorption brings exceptional duration of effect as well (1 to 3) hours. It’s why we say we are fast like flower and easy like gummies.

Our patent pending sublingual mists and subdermal creams are super discreet. You can eliminate the many places and moments where you cannot get high by smoke or vape. In fact, we are a great compliment to both. But it won’t have anything to do with Nano.

We have competitors who describe themselves as sublingual and brag about their “All nano” formulations. What that actually means is you are spraying an infused beverage into your mouth and it goes straight to the stomach, with all the challenges of GI impact like delay of effect and unpredictable potency.

What delivri™ does is protect the active ingredient (THC) from being swallowed to allow this great absorption into the sublingual artery through the lining of your mouth. Nano can’t do that.

I challenge any nano product to a performance comparison. Bring it on.

Buyer beware, nano matters but not here.


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